Tatem Telecom

About Us

About Tatem Telecom

TATEM TELECOM, the only licensed CDMA450 Operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has immediate plans to extend its network to North America and Europe. This will be accomplished by deploying a SIP ready architecture to allow for the delivery of a true local calling experience for the Congolese in the Diaspora. As part of the greater agenda, TATEM has plans to deliver Mobile Money services through an integrated p2p solution and thereby hold a valuable stake in the 8Bn annual Remittance space.

Why Tatem

The Global ethnic community currently faces numerous inhibitive factors when communicating with their friends and family in their home markets with some of the most obvious challenges being

  • Inhibitive costs of calling home or making international calls.
  • Calling card challenges including non-working pins, continuously busy access numbers, higher than advertised rates and inherent overcharging.
  • Bandwidth limitations with current net based services means low quality service
  • Available services that are punitive with charges and warrantless fees.
  • Poor quality connections
  • No opportunity for affiliation or rewards meaning no savings

The Tatem value proposition is unique and unmatched offering the following membership based benefits to address the above challenges.

  • Free in-community calls within the Tatem network & dirt cheap off net calls over 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi to any global destination
  • Air-time Top-Up services from the Global ethnic community in the Diaspora to family and friends in home countries
  • Calling convenience through a seamless and secure proprietary technology using cloud based services to deliver a simple, hassle free connected voice community turning every world call into a local call.
  • The ability for members to shop and earn great discounts and participate in reward and royalty programs through a network of qualified local and international retailers.
  • The opportunity for members to share credit with friends and family anywhere anytime.
  • The freedom to connect through a single checkout card that offers value, membership and simplified voice calling to previously under-represented communities.
  • The flexibility and convenience to offer the public e-commerce solutions allowing communities to Pay online bills and make purchases online.
  • Re-loadable and used everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted.